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The worst films of Oscar-nominated actors 2020

The worst movies of Oscar nominated actors 2020
Can we talk about an Oscar-nominated actor we refer to an artist of enormous talent and interpretive abilities, born to belong to the upper classes of Hollywood?

However, everything said so far is half true: although it is valid to say that they have amazing abilities to make films, the truth is that this was not always the case. The Oscar-nominated 2020 stars rehearsed and rehearsed to polish their qualities and finish training as elite performers.

And what better way to appreciate their evolution as actors than to see their worst films? Click!

Joaquin Phoenix, 'Joker'

Phoenix plays the aspiring comedian Arthur Fleck, who ends up becoming the Clown Prince of Gotham's Crime. It is undoubtedly one of the most complex characters in history.

'Russkies' (1987) 

In what was probably his worst film, Phoenix played a young man who befriended a shipwrecked Russian sailor off the coast of Florida. The Rotten Tomatoes score was 14%.

'It's All About Love' (2004) 

Phoenix and Claire Danes starred in this science-fiction drama, which got a sad 19% in Rotten Tomatoes.

Leonardo DiCaprio, 'Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood'

DiCaprio plays Rick Dalton, a decadent star of the Golden Age of Hollywood who struggles to preserve his status.

'The Beach' (2000)

The adaptation of Alex Garland's acclaimed novel, in which DiCaprio plays an American who is given a map of Paradise on Earth, earned only 20% on Rotten Tomatoes.

'Total Eclipse' (1995)

This historical drama about the relationship between nineteenth-century poet Arthur Rimbaud (DiCaprio) and Paul Verlaine earned only 25% in Rotten Tomatoes.

Antonio Banderas, 'Pain and Glory'

Banderas plays Salvador Mallo, a Madrid filmmaker in the twilight of his career who decides to perform a retrospective analysis of his professional career. The audience is delighted with the work of the actor from Malaga.

'The Music of Silence' (2018)

Based on the life of Andrea Bocelli, Banderas led this film to a resounding 0% in Rotten Tomatoes.

'Play it to the Bone' (1999)

This film, in which Banderas plays a boxer, failed to overcome the flight: he obtained 11%.

Adam Driver, 'Marriage Story' -

Without a doubt, the best interpretation of Drive to date: the actor gives life to a theater director who faces the reality of his divorce and the fact of being a single father.

'This Is Where I Leave You' (2014)

His worst performance came with this movie, based on Jonathan Tropper's novel, which only got 43%. However, compared to other figures seen in this gallery, we can say that it is not so bad either.

'The Dead Don't Die' (2019)

The star-filled cast of The Dead Don't Die did not prevent the film from exceeding a tight 56% review on Rotten Tomatoes.

Jonathan Pryce, 'The Two Popes'

Pryce plays Cardinal Bergoglio, critical of the work of Pope Benedict XVI and future Pope.

'The Doctor and the Devils' (1985)

Pryce's worst film came with this drama set in the 19th century and based on a true story: 0%.

'Bride of the Wind' (2001)

Pryce plays composer Gustav Mahler in this slow feature film, which reached only 11%.

You won't believe it, but lice in eyelash extensions exist!

The boom in eyelash extensions has almost the same amount of fan as detractors. From allergic reactions to bacterial infections, many professionals say that this is one of the riskiest aesthetic techniques for health. The last side effect derived from them? The lice!

American newscasts have warned that optometrists have noticed an increase in patients attending their consultations with lice on their eyelashes. Known as Demodex, these bugs are similar to head lice since they also live near the follicle to feed on human blood.

Symptoms of having them may include eyelid irritation, scabs, redness, itching, tearing and swelling. In this case, you should go quickly to the ophthalmologist, because if this condition is not treated it could cause loss of eyelashes, chronic inflammation of the eyelids or visual changes. The doctor will prescribe an antibiotic ointment that will help eliminate lice.

The problem is that they spread quickly through direct contact with combs, towels and dirty eyelash applicators, so it is very important that, whether you already wear eyelash extensions or if you plan to do so before you make sure that the place you are going to attend meets all the minimum hygiene measures and properly disinfects your tools.

In addition, it is also important that you know that this is not the only danger that derives from eyelash extensions. The acrylate present in the aesthetic glues frequently produces allergic contact dermatitis. The symptoms that this chemical produces - the problem is that they can appear at the moment when the glue is applied to adhere the eyelash extensions, such as after a few minutes, hours or even several days or months later - they are damages in the skin as swelling, redness, spikes and even edema formation.

Although experts say the most serious threat appears when you wear false eyelashes all the time. Extensions provide a continuous weight that can cause strain in the follicle of each hair, making even this s and fall and not regrowing. It is curious because the goal is supposed to make your eyelashes look plentiful but always carrying extensions are causing the opposite effect: weaken your natural ones. Not to mention that if they are improperly placed they can also cause scratches on the cornea.

But if after knowing all this you still want to put on some extensions, you should know that it is vital that you clean the area properly daily (even if you do not wear a mask), that although this gesture does not prevent lice 100% it does make it difficult for bacteria and the mites grow and thrive in your eyelashes.

As you have to avoid products with oil so that the extensions do not peel off, an easy way to clean the area is by using a cotton swab soaked in micellar water. Although you can also use a cleanser that contains in its formula tea tree, which is a great antibacterial, as long as you are careful that it does not get into your eyes.

The 10 foods that age you the most

10 foods
There are foods that, consumed in excess, directly affect the elasticity and tonicity of the skin and our body in general, causing the appearance of wrinkles and physical discomfort. Replacing other healthier ones may be more effective than spending a lot of money on beauty treatments and creams.

In addition to known factors that age our bodies, such as the sun and tobacco, there are ten food groups that we should include in a "blacklist" to avoid and replace them with healthier foods that help make a diet consisting of unrefined carbohydrates, vegetables, legumes, fruits, vegetable, and animal proteins. What is this blacklist? BolBuzz reveals it for you.

Sugary soft drinks

The high sugar content they contain causes cells to die quickly, an effect that causes rapid aging. Change them by. Natural vegetable juices, which preserve the pulp, are much more recommended.

Trans fat

One of the greatest food enemies. They are present in most processed foods. They provide the body with empty calories and sometimes even blockages in the arteries. Change them by. We should not confuse them with positive oils for the body such as olive or sunflower oil, which prevents the oxidation of cells.


Excess salt in the usual diet causes increased blood pressure and this increase causes a reduction in the production of collagen, which results in premature aging. Change it by. Unrefined salt (in moderation) and spices.


The consumption of excess sugar accelerates aging and can lead to diseases such as diabetes. It directly affects the blood vessels reducing the elasticity of the skin. Change them by. Ideally, consume fresh fruits, with healthy natural sugars.


Coffee has a dehydrating effect on our bodies. Its consumption in excess can cause a lack of hydration to directly affect skin toning. Change it for. Organic cereal coffee, infusions, natural juices or tea.


Very similar to the effect that coffee produces. Alcohol causes very rapid dehydration, with their respective detrimental effects on health. Change it for. It is recommended to avoid alcohol consumption and replace it with water or vegetable juices.

Hot spicy

Very spicy food dilates blood vessels favoring its rupture. This situation causes the skin to lose elasticity, toning and natural color. Change it for. If you like intense flavors, use spice salt.

Red meat

It is recommended to eat, at most, twice a week. Red meat is rich in carnitine, a substance that in excess causes a hardening of the capillaries and consequently affects premature aging. Change it by. Other sources of healthier proteins and fats, such as eggs, legumes or bluefish.

Refined Hydrates

Simple carbohydrates have a high glycemic index. This high index favors the breakdown of the elasticity of the skin and muscles. Change them by. It is advisable to consume complex and integral carbohydrates, much more beneficial for health.


Artificial preservatives contain sulphites, a substance that directly affects the blood vessels, especially the ramifications that reach the skin, causing a loss of elasticity and causing premature wrinkles. Change them by. Natural flavors, such as fruit, vegetables or food prepared at home.

These are the scientific evidence to lose weight by running

lose weight by running
After the Christmas binge, we intend to do more sport pursuing the goal of losing weight. Swimming burns calories, just like cycling. All those options are excellent for losing weight, but they have a barrier compared to running, that you need a pool or a bike for it. But if you can afford a good pair of shoes, then you can run. You can do it in hot climates, when it's cold, or snow and even in the rain. The running is the perfect choice to fight those extra kilos.

This is what makes running one of the best workouts to lose weight. "You only need a pair of decent shoes, some creativity and maybe a friend or two to develop a training plan," says Daniel O'Connor, professor of health and human performance at the University of Houston. "It's less expensive than joining a gym or having a personal trainer."

It is one of the biggest obstacles that people face when they try to exercise to which time and opportunity add up. "Everyone struggles with their schedules and priorities, on many occasions, it is very difficult to add something new to your routine without having to change anything else," says O'Connor.

Even so, running to lose weight is much more than stepping on the asphalt and waiting for the kilos that mark the scale to drop. There is a strategy and we don't say it, but science.

What should you eat?

There are thousands of benefits that running has on us, including weight loss, but running is not a reason to leave the diet behind, especially if you are trying to lose weight. In fact, you can gain weight if you add extra foods. "Most people overestimate the calories they burn in a race," says Angela Rubin, triathlon coach. As a very general estimate, when a person runs they can burn 100 calories per kilometer. Then, if you run between three and five kilometers, you will burn between 300 and 500 calories.

The fact that you start running doesn't mean you don't need to be aware of what you eat; the reality is that you must create a caloric deficit if you want to achieve your goal of losing weight. "Weight loss is about creating a caloric imbalance, in which you are using a little more calories than you are consuming, say 200 calories per day," says O'Connor. So, while it is totally normal to want something sweet or heavy in carbohydrates after a race, you must be demanding with yourself to win the battle against the scale.

How many days should you go jogging to lose weight?

Elite athletes are constantly optimizing their training plans and strategies to get in full shape on race day, but you don't need to go crazy if you're starting running. "When it comes to weight loss, what matters is moving and burning calories," says O'Connor. “If you like sprints, which have a higher rate of calories burned per minute, then do it; but if you prefer to walk or jog slower, you will need to spend more time to burn all those calories. "

That said, a study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that runners lost more weight than those who walked for a period of six years, possibly due to the subsequent burn effect. "Running at high intensity will create a subsequent burn, which is when your body continues to burn calories when you no longer move," says Rubin. She suggests starting with three 30-minute races a week, running at full speed for 30 seconds and then recovering for 30 seconds to a minute.

How can you lose weight training strength?

The cross-training is important for several reasons: first, because it will become a stronger runner and reduces the risk of injury to suffer. "Running is difficult for your joints if you don't have the strong muscle to hold them," says Rubin. Second, lifting objects will help you lose weight. "The more lean muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn at rest," she says. That's right, more muscle means more calories burned when you're sitting.

How do you get to be a real runner?

The rush of the runner is real: a study from the Journal of Experimental Biology shows that running releases endorphins and makes you want to run more and more. "Your body is made for running, but you won't have enough conditioning if you never do," says Rubin. "Increase the pace of your careers regularly for a month and that's when you'll start feeling better." Before you know it, weight loss can even become a late occurrence.

Is it better to go jogging in the morning?

While getting out of bed earlier than usual isn't always attractive, running first thing in the morning is a great habit for several reasons. First, it guarantees you that you will not skip your training when, because of work or any unexpected obligation, you are forced to not be able to leave. In addition, morning kilometers can make you a more productive and communicative person with your colleagues and friends, as there are studies that have found that running can sharpen your focus and critical thinking skills.

Also, according to recent research, people who exercise in the morning are more successful at losing weight than those who do it at night. The results found that those who did early booking exercise consumed fewer calories during the day and eventually lost more weight than night owls. Other studies have found that fasting exercise, that is, running before breakfast in the morning, burns more fat than running after eating. However, if you go on an empty stomach, make a shorter and easier route, so that you avoid suffering any mishap along the way.

Why is it important to get enough sleep?

While maintaining good habits during the day (eating well, exercising regularly) is crucial to losing weight, resting at night is equally important for not gaining weight. In a study published by Plos One, researchers found that people who slept little were more likely to have higher body mass indexes and larger waist circumferences than those who rested longer.

The good news is that running can help you fall asleep easier and deeper. Numerous studies have found that daily aerobic exercise, specifically of the moderate to intense type, such as running, strength training and yoga, can improve our sleep quality, which helps us avoid the consequences of sleep deprivation, such as the increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and metabolism problems. If you run at night, be sure to leave enough time before going to bed so that your body temperature and heart rate drop, and get you to sleep more easily.

The 5 most anticipated movies of January 2020

Movies of January 2020
This first month of 2020 the billboard is full of good films that promise to be the best of the year, from the promising film by the filmmaker Sam Mendes, '1917', to the new Clint Eastwood, 'Richard Jewell'. All this without forgetting the expected film of 'The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle' with Robert Downey Jr. as the protagonist, after his departure from Marvel, or the praised film 'The Lighthouse', with Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson as star actors of this peculiar black and white work of Robert Eggers.

Also worth mentioning is the comedy 'Jojo Rabbit', written and directed by Taika Waititi, which presents a curious story set in Nazi Germany with Scarlett Johansson and Sam Rockwell as part of the main cast.

Then, the five most anticipated films of January and that you can not miss this month:

1. 'Richard Jewell'

Veteran actor, director, producer and composer, Clint Eastwood returns to theaters on January 1 with his new and expected film ' Richard Jewell ', which has not stopped receiving compliments since its US premiere in December 2019.

After directing ' Mula ' and '15:17 Train to Paris ' in 2018, Eastwood returns to directing this drama based on real events and dealing with what happens when a piece of false news published in the media hides the truth. ' Richard Jewell ' focuses on the case of Richard Jewell, the security guard who reported finding the terrorist attack device that took place at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. At first, he was presented as a hero, since his quick reaction allowed him to save many lives. However, in a matter of days, the aspiring police officer became the number one suspect in the FBI.

2. '1917'

Sam Mendes, the director of the Oscar-winning ' American Beauty ' and ' Road to Perdition ', returns to the billboard after five years since his last film, ' Specter ', and this time he arrives on top with the nominee for Golden Globe for best film drama, ' 1917 '.

With a script written by Mendes himself with Krysty Wilson-Cairns, this war film is set in the First World War and focuses on two young British soldiers, Schofield, played by George MacKay, known as ' Captain Fantastic ', and Blake, played by Dean-Charles Chapman, actor of Tommen Baratheon in ' Game of Thrones '. These receive a seemingly impossible mission, and in a race against the clock, they must cross the enemy territory to deliver a message that will prevent a deadly attack against hundreds of soldiers, including Blake's own brother.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that apart from the aforementioned protagonists, ' 1917 ' has in its cast great names such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Firth, Andrew Scott, Richard Madden, and Mark Strong, among many others, which make this film an essential part of This January.

3. 'The lighthouse'

With two luxury protagonists, Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson, director Robert Eggers, known for the praised horror tape ' The Witch ', premieres on January 10 the movie ' The Lighthouse '.

With a script by Robert Eggers and Max Eggers, 'The Lighthouse' is a black and white film, recorded in 4: 3 format, which is set in the late 19th century. The film tells the story of two lighthouse keepers who work together on a remote and mysterious island of New England. Both face against total isolation and end up deteriorating their mental health and fighting against their worst nightmares. The tension will increase until both characters reach a point of no return from which everything will go downhill.

4. 'Jojo Rabbit'

Nominated for two Golden Globes in 2020, for best comedy film and best actor, ' Jojo Rabbit ' arrives in theaters on Friday, January 17 with great expectation due to all the good opinions received since its US premiere in October of 2019, even being considered by many critics as one of the best films of the past year.

This comedy is about a World War II satire that follows a lonely German boy named Jojo, played by Roman Griffin Davis, whose vision of the world turns upside down, when he discovers that his single mother, Rosie, is hiding a Young Jew, named Elsa, in the attic. With the only help of his imaginary friend Adolf Hitler, played by Taika Waititi himself, Jojo must face his blind nationalism.

In the main cast of 'Jojo Rabbit', in addition to those already mentioned above, we find Thomasin McKenzie, Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell, Rebel Wilson, Stephen Merchant, and Alfie Allen; the latter known for playing Theon in ' Game of Thrones '.

5. 'The adventures of Doctor Dolittle'

After the great success of the 1998 film, ' Dr. Dolittle ', starring Eddie Murphy, and the release of his second part in 2001, the well-known character Doctor Dolittle created by British writer Hugh Lofting returns to theaters on the 24th of January with ' The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle '.

In this film, the eccentric Dr. John Dolittle, a renowned doctor, and veterinarian of Victorian England lives locked in himself since he lost his wife, with the only company in his collection of exotic animals. However, when Queen Victoria, played by Jessie Buckley, falls seriously ill, Dolittle will have to leave her hermit's life to embark on a dangerous journey to an island in search of a cure. In his mission, he will be joined by a young apprentice, Tommy Stubbins, played by Harry Collett, and a loud and annoying animal court, which includes a restless gorilla, an enthusiastic duck, a duo of cynical ostriches, a cheerful polar bear and a stubborn parrot. Among the voices of these animals, in the original version of the tape, we find such famous names as Emma Thompson, Rami Malek, Tom Holland, Ralph Fiennes, Selena Gomez, Marion Cotillard or Octavia Spencer.

Why do restaurants sell salads so expensive?

In order to have better nutrition, it is increasingly common for us to choose a salad instead of another dish when we go to a restaurant. However, incredible as it may seem, this dish that seems so simple is usually one of the most expensive they offer.

And it is that many places get to give their salads at $12 or $15 dollars, which might seem a bit high considering that, in most cases, they are only serving you some vegetables with a lot of lettuce, and a little chicken breast from time to time, according to Mashed.

That is why it is normal for us to ask ourselves, why is this dish so expensive?

Expensive process

Apparently, it has a lot to do with the work involved in developing this dish. Here we take into account the research that has to be done to create a salad that is actually sold, the ingredients that will be used and the workforce that will prepare it. This can cost restaurants a lot.

Another aspect that must be taken into account is that, while hamburgers and tacos, for example, often use the same ingredients every day throughout the year, a salad usually has ingredients that fluctuate in the price for availability or season. Like avocados that usually rise and fall constantly in price.

In addition, keeping all the ingredients of a salad fresh is very expensive, since it is more difficult to keep the spinach crispy than to have a plate of ground beef for burgers in good condition.

As you can see, both the obtaining of the ingredients, as well as the correct storage of them, makes that salad so simple has a high price on many occasions.

8 tricks to relax before your wedding day

8 tricks to relax before your wedding day
The days before the wedding are usually disturbing and generate anxiety. Being aware of the preparations, the guests and that no detail is missed is exhausting. That's why it's important that you take some time to relax before your wedding.

1. Go to a Spa

There is nothing more relaxing than going to a Spa. Taking a day for yourself and feeling like you disconnect from everything, taking a bubble bath or resting in a sauna, is what you need to forget for a moment of everything.

2. Exercise

Exercise and sports help you to disconnect. That is why it is important that you dedicate at least 1 hour a day to exercise or practice the sport that you like the most. It is a way to release tension.

3. Get away from the noise

Sometimes it's good to distance yourself from everything around you. You can go to an idyllic place and away from everything, either with your partner or with your friends. The intention is that you enjoy nature and get away from everything that makes you feel stressed.

4. Share with your partner

During the preparations, it is very common that all attention is diverted and you forget your boyfriend. So set aside time to share with him.

Going for a walk or sharing a dinner is the most appropriate. Mind you, nothing to talk about preparations. The intention is to disconnect.

5. Enjoy a massage

This is a way to release tension. If you don't want to go to a spa, a massage is comforting for you to disconnect and recharge batteries and continue with the preparations. It is important that you consent.

6. Disconnect with music

Just put on your headphones and enjoy the music you like. Nothing to hear what others say. Only you and the melodies that inspire you. Close your eyes and get carried away by the rhythm.

7. Rest

While the nerves increase when you see the day is approaching, sleep is essential. Especially if you sleep well a week before your wedding. If you have trouble sleeping, drink some relaxing tea. This way you will avoid dark circles on that special day.

8. Share with your friends

There are no better allies than your friends. Spend time with them, do a beauty session where they share impressions about makeup and hairstyle. It is a way to look good and prepare for the big day.

The wedding represents much more than a special moment. It is the day that starts a new family. Try to be relaxed and happy so you can enjoy yourself to the fullest.

How to cook beet to get all its benefits?

cook beet to get all its benefits
The beet is a vegetable with nutrients and very important properties for our body. But it is also a vegetable that can help us fight diseases such as anemia and tuberculosis.

Today we will talk about the best way to prepare beets, in order to absorb all the nutrients it can offer us, but first, we will briefly review what are the properties that make this food such an important vegetable for our health.

Beet Properties

Beet is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B9 and folic acid, as well as iron and calcium. However, its fundamental component is betaine, an antioxidant that stops the action of free radicals, which are what cause some diseases and also aging.

Betaine is an antioxidant known for its content in folates, which makes beets a good cardioprotective food. Its consumption, inserted in a healthy diet and with an exercise regime, allows the heart to remain healthy.

Beet is also able to stimulate the activity of the gallbladder and liver, in this case favoring its cellular regeneration and also the elimination of fat.

How to prepare beet?

The nutrients and properties of beets are best used if prepared raw, such as salad or juice.

If we consume it as a salad, we will also eat its boiled leaves, maintaining diuretic, laxative and mineral properties such as iron and calcium.

The contribution of calcium makes beet an important ally against anemia.

Although beet contains vitamin C, if we prepare it together with citrus or tomato, a vegetable rich in the antioxidant lycopene, we will increase the bio availability of iron.

As we have seen, beets are a very important vegetable in your diet, if you want to maintain a complete diet. Within your possibilities, try to accompany it with foods that enhance its properties and thus benefit your body to the fullest.

How to set simple and effective goals in life

set simple and effective goals in life
Do you know what is the difference between a dream and a goal? With a good plan, you can get anything you want. It's nice to dream, right? Well, it's still better to get those dreams. In order for it to really happen and dreams do not remain only in your mind, you have to learn to set simple and effective goals that will motivate you to move forward and you can turn your dreams into reality. Next, we are going to give you some tips that will allow you to change your life ... for the better.

Smart goals

If you want to set goals to follow these steps:
  • Specific objectives: make sure that your objectives are not unattainable ideas. Instead, have specific ideas of what you are trying to do and where you are trying to reach. The reason for this is those specific objectives give you direction, while vague objectives leave you without direction.
  • Measurable objectives: Similarly, you must ensure that there is some way to measure your objectives to know when you are making progress and when you are not. By making a goal measurable, you help make sure you know when you've reached it and can celebrate it. And who doesn't like that?
  • Achievable objectives: You can say that you want to win the Nobel Prize in Economics, but wouldn't it be better to start by earning a degree in the field first? After all, it's not like you can't set new goals when you achieve what you have! What's more, if the objectives are unattainable, all you will end up doing is discourage yourself, and from there it is a short way to give up.
  • Relevant objectives: you will also have to make sure that the objectives really guide you in the direction you want to take. Sure, fame is nice, but does it really help you marry the person of your dreams? So make sure they are in line with what you want from life.
  • Goals with a time limit: give yourself deadlines, if you don't do it then you will leave everything for tomorrow and that tomorrow will be every day ... The obvious problem with that is that we all run out of tomorrow, and if that happens, the only thing that we have left are regrets.

Worry about your goals

You must make sure that the objectives you have are the ones that really interest you. There are many ways you can end up setting goals that are not really that important to you. Maybe they are important to people close to you, or maybe society makes you think they should be your goals.

The point is that it is very difficult to motivate yourself with 'should'. Instead, be sure to point to 'want' instead. In this way, you will ensure that when things get difficult, instead of entering into an existential crisis about what you really want, you can continue.

Set sub-goals

Once you have achieved your great goals, set goals or milestones on the way to what you will work for. These will serve as steps to make sure you stay on target.  They will also give you something to focus on and a way to measure how you are doing.

Write and share

Writing your goals can really be of great help. First of all, simply writing it will feel that you are engaging with them. Second, to the write is much more likely to notice gaps in the line of time, logic and general setting of objectives, which otherwise might have remained unaddressed. In this way, it will serve to make your goals more attainable and more concrete.

By showing your goals to someone you trust, you can not only get their comments but also motivate yourself.  After all, now you have not only committed to these goals in your own head but also out loud, which means that if you fail, you not only have to deal with your own disappointment but also with that of another person. This can be an immensely useful motivator.

And of course ... go ahead and don't give up! You can do it, you just have to want it.

David Bustamante and Yana Olina have wedding plans for 2020

David Bustamante and Yana Olina wedding
Apparently, the year 2020 will bring an unexpected wedding but full of illusion. David Bustamante and Yana Olina will go through the court to formalize their relationship, after many months of changes in which the dancer has gone to live with the singer and has already created her life in Madrid with her partner. It seems that Olina is already one of the family, and both are very much in love.

The two continuously dedicate messages of affection on Instagram and in public, and in one of those statements, the Cantabrian came to say: " Thank you for showing me that love really exists ." In this way and despite the rumors of rupture during several times, it seems that his passion is more alive than ever and that Bustamante, who is a very traditional person, wants to join ties with what he considers his 'soul mate', according to a close friend to the singer has informed La Razón.

A more discreet and intimate wedding

Of course, this wedding would have nothing to do with that held in 2006 with Paula Echevarría, in which both contracted heritage in the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Covadonga, in Asturias. Thus, this time both want it to be discreet and simple, with few guests and by the Court; although it is certainly a day that neither of you will ever forget. Who will surely come will be the singer's daughter, who gets along great with the dancer, something that excites Bustamante.

The first relationship rumors began in May 2018, when they were caught walking hand in hand after having been dance partners in the dance program 'Dancing with the stars', which they won. In him, the great complicity between the two could be achieved, and although both had professed mutual admiration, their photographs on social networks began to be more intimate, causing their approach to be finally confirmed. Undoubtedly, a surprise couple that is increasingly solid and faces 2020 in the best possible way.