Cecilia Borromeo

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Cecilia Borromeo was born in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. She now lives in Brussels, Belgium where she has been based for the past 7 years and where she has fulfilled her dream to become a scientist (currently: unemployed). Her poems and prose are widely read in her personal blog Clearcandy Daily (http://welcometoappleciders.blogspot.com) and dreams to get her work in print someday soon. She is known to write from the heart and is continuously training herself to meet her imagination so she can continue her love affair with words and to mold them to mean different things. She draws inspiration mostly from her own experiences and is in awe of her favorite poet, Mark Strand. After a tough day of surfing the net for jobs, she loves to lie in her couch for the rest of the evening thinking of chocolates and waffles. When not consumed by sugary thoughts, she enjoys diabetes literature, islet amyloidosis, reading poems out loud, learning the violin and dancing around the apartment.

Something that you should know by Cecilia Borromeo

my secrets
appear on your window
when you fog the division
with your own warm breath;
you lost yourself in their presence,
in your search for
cheekbones on sunflowers
and night blades
by the moon's chin.
impatience hummed your fears,
and the absence you cherished
quickly dissolved.
the only way to know is

Silent Mark by Cecilia Borromeo

another day is here and my hands are still covered
with a mantle of stoic ink
words scribbled on a hesitant paper
wishing to be read now not later.

i want you to see this point-like light from an abyss
growing tongues tasting the wind
feel like the knife scraping soft butter
and see that small things matter.

but i still have no sense of complete abandon
to let the ink burn, to let it leak
until it forms a crystallized dew
becoming, at last, your scar tissue.

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