Chris Jones

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Chris Jones was awarded an Eric Gregory Award in 1996. From 1997 to 1999 he worked as the writer in residence at Nottingham Prison. A pamphlet collection entitled Hard on the Knuckle was published by Smith/Doorstop in 1993, concerning his experiences of working behind bars. He has recently put together a sequence of poems (At the End of the Road, a River) that explores the trajectory of the River Don as it curves through Sheffield. He has just been commissioned by Lovebytes, a Digital Arts organisation, to write poems for The Millennium Gallery in Sheffield. A full-length collection is due out with Shoestring Press in 2007. He lives in Sheffield, working as a freelance writer, teacher and arts administrator.

Name by Chris Jones;

His name has been ghosted over the fence,
leaving an alias, burn, prison clothes.
I'm half the man, he says, not my sentence,
waiting on time that other people chose.

From their windows men sing out numbers, names,
hands to the grille light for the come-back call,
but words get lost, change allegiance, and blame's
out of their mouths, love's over the wall.

Later when I phone home and catch your voice
I think of slipping out to wind and rain,
to burning winter lights, and city noise,
to waiting on the platform for the train,
the slow bus climbing toward our terrace house,
and in that space, to reach you, say your name.

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