Deborah Ager

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Deborah Ager is a graduate of the Newfield Network coaching school and a member of the International Coach Federation and Coachville. She earned a BA in English and a MFA in creative writing. Her coaching business is Lifespace Coaching.

She fulfilled a lifelong dream when she founded 32 Poems Magazine, a nonprofit corporation and semiannual literary magazine, that publishes Pulitzer-nominated and emerging poets.

Her Poem Alone is very popular,

Over the fence, the dead settle in
for a journey. Nine o'clock.
You are alone for the first time
today. Boys asleep. Husband out.

A beer bottle sweats in your hand,
and sea lavender clogs the air
with perfume. Think of yourself.
Your arms rest with nothing to do

after weeks spent attending to others.
Your thoughts turn to whether
butter will last the week, how much
longer the car can run on its partial tank of gas.

Her Poem Morning,

You know how it is waking
from a dream certain you can fly
and that someone, long gone, returned

and you are filled with longing,
for a brief moment, to drive off
the road and feel nothing

or to see the loved one and feel
everything. Perhaps one morning,
taking brush to hair you'll wonder

how much of your life you've spent
at this task or signing your name
or rising in fog in near darkness

to ready for work. Day begins
with other people's needs first
and your thoughts disperse like breath.

In the in-between hour, the solitary hour,
before day begins all the world
gradually reappears car by car.

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