Just Me and You Again

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The morning sun peeks in my window

as I feel a tug at my feet

how could I not smile

at that little sheepish grin

Easter morn has arrived

He is risen

and so shall I

Pitter-patter across the worn pine floor

giggles, shrieks and laughter fill my home

searching for the hidden coloured eggs

my joyous children roam.

Such a special day.

Dressed in our new spring best

we show our love for Him

celebrating with close friends and family

indulging in delectable candies and cakes

a family game of whiffle ball,

pushing my little one on the swings

 enjoying each others company

 basking in the freshness of the great outdoors

The skies begin to darken

the stars start to shine

our day has come to an end.

After all the hugs are given

the I love you's spoken

  kisses blown, good byes said

I climb up high into my cold brass bed

and reflect upon this glorious day

 again it's just me and You
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