Thank You

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Another beautiful day has come to a close

 putting on my royal blue silken pajamas

I call to my sweet one

come take hold of my outstretched hand.

We bow our heads and thank Him.

Lord thank you for another terrific day

for allowing the sun to rise up and shine

thank you for warm gentle breezes

that allowed us to fly our kites

bringing so many bubbly smiles on our children

Thank you dear Lord for the flowing stream

and the wildflowers we saw along the way

in our hunt for frogs and turtles.

Thank you Lord for the food that we ate

and the air that we breathed.

 It was such an exhilarating day.

Thank you Lord for all the joy you bring

the song of love you allow me to sing

Thank you for bringing into my life

a most beautiful soul,

 for gorgeous and happy children,

and for making our lives whole

So much to be grateful for dear Lord

but none of my humble words

are ever enough to praise you.

Dear Lord

It's my time to beg now

So dont go away just yet

I beg you for forgiveness

for any harm I might have caused

to my sister, or my brother

to my working colleagues or any other

I beg forgivness for all the times

 I choose the pleasure of darkness

over what is really the bright side of life.

Dear Lord, make men better husbands

and make me a good wife.

Dear Lord I beg you

  let not envy, power, success nor selfishness

steal the purpose of my living

and of what is right.

Make me a better person Lord

Help me choose You as my guide

Let me be a faitful being

to those who are in burden

Help me to do little things everyday

little things that make a difference

to those i love, and those who pass my way

Let me be a lending ear

Let my smile relieve some pain

Let me be at least one colour of the rainbow

in their loneliness, in tearful rain

Dear lord may those I meet in every street

recognize I am Your own, not from my words

but from my kindred deeds

Last but not least, fill my heart with blissful grace

as I share this serene night

with the one you chose for me

the one who has the most angelic face.

Together Lord we thank you
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