United We Stand: Divided We Fall

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A letter from the heart, to my beloved Sisters in Islam;

Did you see the news yesterday?
have you heard what's going on?
So much pain and so much suffering,
somebody please tell me, where has all the Love gone?

Islam once more is under scrutiny,
blamed again by all the media and press.
For terrorist plans, fighting and killing,
we can only watch with helplessness.

Innocent Muslims under arrest,
innocent Muslims dying.
Innocent Muslims persecuted,
while the disbelievers are thriving.

Our beautiful and perfect Islam,
is being torn apart at the seams.
And the possibility of a United Ummah,
is present only in ones dreams.

But who is to blame for the destruction?
all over the world, making such a mess.
Who is to blame for ultimate chaos?
let us maybe take a guess.

Is it Tony Blair or the World Summit?
is it America's President Bush?
Is it the people belonging to other faiths?
is it maybe, possibly, Us?

Have we fated our own destiny?
and fallen off the righteous path?
To concerned with frivolous issues,
completely failing to fear Allah's wrath.

I now sense you are thinking...
"well, what have we Muslims possibly done wrong"?
But just pause for a moment,
and think about just how we get along.

The sad truth is that we don't,
and we don't have time for defence against others.
As we are far far too busy,
judging and fighting our very own sisters and brothers.

Which sect are you part of?
which Mosque is it you go too?
What school of thought do you follow?
Mmmmm, I can't be seen then sitting with you!

There are 73 sects in Islam,
and even each of those are further divided.
Into this group, that group, and the other group,
Islam once 'One' has become many sided.

Are you Sunni? Are you Shi'a?
are you Wahabi or Taliban?
This is not the teachings of beautiful Islam,
This is not the teachings of the Holy Qu'ran.

Why label each other or yourself?
don't make life for other Muslims tough.
Regardless of type or country,
we are all Muslims -- isn't that good enough?

Don't you see that's why the west is winning?
and why the Muslims are so weak.
We are to busy not talking to each other,
Forgiveness in Allah is what we must seek.

For if we all came together,
and stood as 'One HUGE United front'.
We would no longer be separate and small,
and no more, the target of this hunt.

Look at the person sitting next to you,
she is the same as you and every Muslim other.
Embrace lovingly into the fold of all Islam,
every Muslim sister and brother.

Come together all Muslim countries,
from both near and afar.
Come together all followers of one Islam,
unite in Peace for the Love of Allah.

Stand together as one true religion,
stand with your neighbours, family and friends.
Show this world how united we are,
Islam... is our answer... and complete means to an end.

When meeting any Muslim sister,
and to ensure the start of peace is truly begun.
Open your heart as wide as your arms,
And say... my dear sister... Assalaam o Alikum.

The word Islam translated into English means Peace. May we create it soon... Inshallah.

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