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10 love phrases for Christmas

This Christmas dedicate to your partner the most beautiful and romantic phrases of love, we select the 10 most beautiful for lovers and lovers.
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love phrases
Christmas is a special time to spend with our loved ones. Not only do we meet up with the family, but we spend them with our partner, and we are for weeks looking for the perfect gift to make that person we are in love with. It may be our first party together, or we have been celebrating a few as a couple, but it is always a time when love emerges and we want to convey our feelings to that person. A good way to do it is with phrases of love with which we can accompany those gifts that we liked to buy so much.

The perfect love phrase for this Christmas

If you do not find the right words to convey to your partner how in love we are, we help you with some phrases of love. You can write them to your partner on WhatsApp, in a letter, on a card, postcard, word ... or you can use them to declare that special person. Christmas is a perfect scenario for this, so we hope they help you.

1. "The best gift this Christmas is to spend another year with you. " It is a short and simple love phrase, but it conveys a lot. In truth, isn't that the greatest desire of Christmas, to spend it with the people we love?

2. "I have made a list of the gifts I ask Santa Claus for Christmas: A smile from you, that you kiss me, that we sleep curled up, that you love me, that we have a hot chocolate together, that you feel comfortable with me and that Be happy". A classic related to gifts, which are one of the most characteristic elements of Christmas, and also the one that overwhelms us the most!

3. "All I want for Christmas is you. " Songs, like poems, are a great inspiration for love phrases, so it never hurts to dedicate the classic theme of Mariah Carey's song, 'All I Want for Christmas is You'.

4. "You illuminate my life like each of the lights that adorn the entire city. " The colored lights are one of the elements that we like most at Christmas, and they are a beautiful setting to walk like two lovers.

5. "Your kisses are sweeter than all the nougat, your hugs are warmer than the biggest of the chimneys, your voice is more cheerful than all the carols, your eyes brighter than all the stars on the top of the trees, and seeing you excites me more than all the presents. " If this phrase of love is not romantic, then what is it?

6. "This New Year's Eve I will eat the 12 grapes so that 12 New Year's wishes will be fulfilled: that you be happy, that you laugh a lot, that you have a lot of company, that you have all the freedom in the world, that you fulfill everything you set your mind to, that visit the places you like most, read all the books you want, want to eat the world, meet interesting people, nobody takes your space, nobody makes you cry and let me be by your side in everything we can enjoy. " This phrase reflects a person's desire to give their partner wings and dignity, to leave behind the romantic ideas that we are indivisible and inseparable, that jealousy is part of love and that we must give up our freedom to be with whom we desire.

7. "When I was a child I enjoyed Christmas because there were toys, colored lights, Christmas parades and I ate a lot of sweets, but I couldn't imagine that when I grew up the best of the holidays would come: having someone like you by my side to celebrate them. " And it is that the best gift is the good company, either in a celebration in style or with a more modest Christmas.

8. "The purpose of it being so cold and snowy at Christmas is that we can be together and hugged longer. " The cold seasons are the best excuse to hug even when we are in the street, so we can dedicate funny love phrases like this to our couples.

9. "Although this Christmas we have to be separated, we should not be sad but happy, because we begin a new year in love to meet again, live new experiences and remain happy, so let's start planning the new year because I feel it's going to be very special! " This phrase serves to encourage couples who have to spend separate parties, where they have to celebrate loving each other.

10. "Since last Christmas, they have given me daily understanding, support, serenity, laughter, hope, motivation, freedom, companionship and desire to look forward. Will I be able to find something in a store that is up to Christmas? " eye! This phrase of love is not an excuse not to give something to your partner, but a way to make him see how grateful or grateful you are for having that person by your side, and that the gift is the support that it supposes for you.
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