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16 tips to have a better day

It's about creating a routine that works, that keeps you inspired and leaves you satisfied.
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better day
It's about creating a routine that works, that keeps you inspired and leaves you satisfied.

The dizzying pace of modern life can cause us to become entangled in heavy tasks that only end up killing your creativity. Remember, being busy is not the same as being productive. Having a better day is not about filling your schedule of pending and appointments.

We give you some tips that can help you get the most out of your day.

1. Do not see the email. Stay disconnected as much as you can. Anyway, nobody communicates an emergency by email.

2. When you wake up, don't stress. The tendency puts your brain in crisis mode, which inserts you into a negative spiral.

3. Use the first 15 minutes well. The great leaders organize their list of earrings early when they can concentrate on it completely without distractions.

4. Do not answer the phone or online chat. Even brief calls can spoil the rest of your day. Get used to working without distractions for long periods.

5. Do not watch TV. Television and radio programs (with voice-over) distract and extend the morning ritual.

6. Don't ignore the family. Meet around the breakfast table to spend quality time, which will be harder to find after 5 pm

7. Do not do unproductive work. Mechanical tasks can be tempting, but they would only postpone essential slopes.

8. Spend time on your passion. Projects that have a creative side keep you hooked and relaxed throughout the day and help improve your job performance.

9. Ask yourself. How can I make this day more valuable? What can I do better? What things am I grateful for?

10. Establish a routine. Start each day, in the same way, to give your brain the signal to move towards the next goal.

11. Listen to the radio. Music will keep your mind connected to the tasks you do.

12. Plan ahead. Perform a calming ritual that will prepare you for the next day. Program the coffee maker, get your clothes ready and prepare your lunch.

13. Do something important. Start the day with an achievement that motivates you (as a travel destination).

14. Turn off all your devices 90 minutes before going to bed. The light of screens, girls and adults, can lead to development.

15. Adjust the time you wake up. Think about 6 am (or earlier). This is what the top executives of Twitter, and Disney do.

16. Get moving. Whether it's an exercise or stretching routine, make your blood flow. You will feel more motivated.

Do you have another tip to have a phenomenal day?
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