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22 love phrases to fall in love with the man of your dreams

We show you the 22 phrases that can not be missing in your repertoire if you want to fall in love with a man.
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love phrases
We have the false belief that only women like romantic movies, sweetened gifts and the most intimate moments. Fortunately, times change and every day the equality between men and women is greater, which is not only giving more rights to women but also helps to understand that men are not exempt from having feelings and that, at Like them, they love those moments of love and intimacies so special.

Therefore, if you want to seduce and especially fall in love with a person, you must learn to say the right phrases so that he falls at your feet. Remember that many men can also be very sensitive, so you should choose your words carefully and, as in everything, treat them as you would like to be treated.

Therefore, we show you 22 phrases of love with which to fall in love with the man of your dreams and to become your partner for a long time.

Phrases to make the man of your dreams fall in love

1. ' I can't stop thinking about you '. This phrase may not seem very original to you, but the fact that man is aware that he is always in your thinking will make him see you in a more special way because we all like to think of ourselves if it is for good.

2. ' You are different from others '. The fact that the man you want as a couple is different from the rest is very attractive since for you it is much better than the others and that will make you feel unique.

3. ' I love you '. Haven't you told him yet? If it's the right time and it's really what you feel it will make it fall at your feet. However, you must be sure that it really is what you feel, since it would not be fair to use these powerful words if you really do not love him and do not want him as a couple.

4.' I can't live without you '. If you can't imagine your life without this person by your side, you really are very much in love. Do not hesitate to let them know, although it may not be reciprocated, because they will probably be the prettiest words you have ever heard.

5.' When I am with you, there is no one else .' The world fades when you're by his side. If he is a little jealous, with these words he will understand that he has nothing to fear, since you only have eyes for him.

6.' You are the best thing that happened to me '. A very strong and special words for someone really unique. Make sure you really feel it, because you surely can't help seeing you with other eyes from this moment.

7. ' I want to be with you all my life '. There is no show of greater love than wanting to spend all the time we have left with that special someone.

8.' I don't want a future if it's not by your side '. In the same dynamic as the previous sentence, you will show the man of your dreams that you cannot live without him.

9.' I care more than anyone .' With these simple words, we will let the man of our dreams know that there is a no more important person for us and that we would move heaven and earth to know that he is well.

10.' Let me know when you arrive '. Perhaps this is not one of the most romantic phrases, but nevertheless, it denotes that you are really in love and that you care about the well-being of that person, otherwise you will not be able to subtract calmly.

11.' I will do anything for you .' If you really feel it, do not hesitate to tell him how in love you are through phrases, but also show him that you would do everything for him.

12. ' I've never loved anyone but you .' Being in love is a very strong feeling and surely this is one of the most sincere phrases that you are going to tell her, otherwise, if you do not think about it, do not tell her because with this she will fall totally at your feet.

13.' You are the man of my dreams '. Is he the ideal man or is it that you are very much in love? Anyway, if you really feel it, do not hesitate to tell them. He will love to know what is so special for you.

14.' I can't stop kissing you '. When you really love a person, you want to spend as much time as possible with him, but you also want to kiss him as much as you can to show him your love.

15.' I don't want to lose you '. We never want to lose what we love the most or who we love the most, so with these three simple words, you will let him know that he is an extremely important person for you.

16.' You are the perfect man '. You think about it, because you're very much in love, but you haven't told her yet. Do not hesitate to do so, since it will make you feel very happy and you will feel more attracted to your person.

17. ' You are the best lover I have ever had .' We all know that sex is very important in a relationship and that many men have complexes in bed, so if you let them know that you are the perfect lover they will feel much more comfortable and happy by your side.

18 ' I'm so happy to have met you .' Sometimes it is chance or fate, whatever you want to call it, but thanks to that you met this man who has made you feel loved again, so do not hesitate to tell him.

19.'I will love you all my life'. Relationships end, but what man could not fall in love with you knowing that you will always love him, no matter what.

20. ' You make me very happy .' Making a person happy is one of the maxims we should all want in life, so telling someone that makes you happy is letting them know that it is very important to you and that it is excellent by your side.

21.'You are the most handsome man there is. ' Because yes, men also like to be told that they are beautiful and that they have the best physique for us, in addition to being psychologically perfect, a reason for more to have you in love.

22. ' You are the man every woman deserves .' Only say these words if you really feel it, since you are implying that his behavior is exemplary and that anyone would want to have him by his side since there is no one better than him.

Remember that these phrases are ideal if you really have feelings towards that person, otherwise, they would only serve as an instrument of seduction for perhaps your partner for a short period of time and you could get to hurt the feelings of this person who has really believed in Your words and, perhaps, never again.
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