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5 romantic plans for Christmas: celebrations only with your partner

Christmas is coming and we enjoy a lot of free time. Take advantage and plan a getaway with your partner to enjoy time alone.
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romantic plans for Christmas
Christmas is a perfect time to be with family and of course, as a couple. For many, it is the most beautiful time of the year even many defend that the most romantic. These are days when many of us can have vacations and enjoy them accompanied.

However, it is usually a time when, due to the fact that there are several important parties, the rest of the days we sometimes miss them. We were resting at home, eating polvorones and watching the hundreds of movies they put on TV about Christmas. These plans have a place, but they should not focus on the day to day of your Christmas holidays. Therefore, so that you move a little and also do it with your partner, we propose 5 romantic plans for Christmas:

1. Travel with your partner

If you have some money saved a good plan may be to decide to spend Christmas outside your home even outside your country. We know that these parties are for family, however, you can divide your time. We recommend that you spend Christmas Eve and Christmas with your families, and then go on New Year's Eve around.

So you can meet different cultures on these dates. Christmas is different in each country. Each one has different customs and different forms of celebration. So if you travel you can meet and enjoy them. Besides, a trip is always a good plan as a couple. It is not necessary to go too far, European capitals can be a good option since practically all of them have some special celebration on these holidays.

Traveling to another country is a possibility to know how Christmas is lived outside traveling to another country is a possibility to know how Christmas is lived outside
Countries like Amsterdam, Vienna or Paris organize beautiful markets that are worth visiting. In addition, the customs of the night of the end of the year are also different in each country and it is worth knowing them. This will enrich you as a person and make the trip much more interesting.

2. Special Restaurant

You can also opt for a typical romantic plan that never fails, book in a restaurant and surprise your partner. You can go to any of your cities that take time with the desire to go, also to one that means something to you or else you can choose to search among some restaurants that offer Christmas menus that convince you.

Do not settle for the first thing you see, look well to see which is the most suitable restaurant for you. Today there are thousands of options, so choose among all the most appropriate. If you can spend money we give you a best idea. You must search on internet for best and cheap restaurants before outgoing.

3. Play Sports

In these dates, you find some solidarity races that can be a perfect romantic plan for these parties. If you like to run and share this hobby with your partner do not hesitate and throw yourself into these challenges. You can also opt for some more extreme sports. Climbing, rafting or rappelling are some great plans for a great Christmas celebration. You can also do that challenge that you have never dared as bungee jumping or even throw a parachute.

You can also decide to do more typical sports on these dates. For example, go ice skating. If you do not know how to do it, surely you have a good laugh and have a great time. In addition, you can also ski. A great plan to do as a couple even as a family. After finishing a day ski lake stop for a few beers and a good meal.

4. Leaving a rural house

What better plan than looking for a small house in the middle of the mountains where nobody bothers you and you can be together without worries. In this place, you can lie on the couch even to watch those Christmas television movies. It will already be a totally different plan from being at home. In addition, we give you some advice, look for a rural house that is in the snow. It will be something new and you can also enjoy it as a symbol of many Christmas.

Another option is to look for something warmer to be able to take walks without being frozen. Hiking can be a great plan as a couple. Also if you are looking for one that is near a spa or hot springs will be plan 10 for your vacation. You will relax in the pools of different temperatures and then you can sit in front of the fireplace to enjoy a cup of chocolate, or a good beer, it is in taste.

But if you also want to join all the previous plans that we have recommended in this one, you can also look for a rural house where there is a good restaurant nearby. That way you won't have to worry about cooking, just rest and enjoy each other.

5. Home activities

But if you do not want to spend money and you are one of those who prefer to stay at home there are also several plans that you can make totally or practically for free and that you surely enjoy very much. To start you can start decorating the house together with Christmas decorations. Garlands and lights and without missing the tree and the Bethlehem. You will have a great time and your home will be beautiful.

You can also make a good surprise meal for your partner. With typical dishes of these dates and enjoy it in the most romantic way, by candlelight, and with low music. Another option is games. Letters, board games, etc. that you can enjoy accompanied. We recommend that you invite part of the family and spend a good afternoon at home.

Surprise your partner with a romantic dinner surprise your partner with a romantic dinner
Finally, return to your childhood and dedicate yourself to making crafts. They may be the Christmas decorations we have talked about, also other useful objects or even a gift for example for your invisible friend. No matter what you do, the goal is to spend time together and doing something that happens over the ordinary.

With these plans, you will surely enjoy Christmas as a couple and you will also be able to enliven your relationship a bit. As you have seen, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money, just be happy to enjoy each other.
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