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6 Typical lawsuits that couples have in December

If you do not fight for something with your sweetie at this time consider yourself lucky.
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December holidays
Although Christmas is a time of peace and love, for many couples it is also a season of lawsuits. The stress of the parties causes problems to arise and resurface even in the most solid and loving relationships. Check out the reasons why you will most likely have quarrels with your sweetheart.

December holidays bring a lot of fun, but also expenses and commitments that either of you will want to avoid.

These are some reasons that can put your relationship in check-in Christmas and New Year :

1. Where to spend Christmas and New Year

This is a classic! Each year it is up to you to choose between your parents' house and that of your in-laws. To solve the debate many couples choose to spend a date with one and the other with the others. Another good solution is to make dinner at home and invite both families, or plan to spend them alone as a couple.

2. Going over drinks

We know that excess alcohol transforms people. While some become more cheerful to others they get the demon inside. Or worse: they forget they have a partner and flirt with whatever moves. Obviously, this causes a couple of conflicts, so you better measure yourself.

3. Financial infidelity

Many couples make purchases separately and hide how much they actually spent. Lawsuits come when the other learns what they disbursed. To prevent it, it is best to establish pending and priorities to set a budget between the two and respect it.

4. A bad attitude

Spending the holidays with a family that is not yours implies respecting their traditions, no matter how different. If one arrives badly at the other's house and starts to argue or refuses to participate, the thing ends badly.

5. Do not disconnect from work

If either or both have to work on these dates, it becomes a conflict. Couples hope that those few days off they have are exclusive to be together. But if you have to answer emails, answer calls or it turns out that you are freelance and there is no rest, your love will feel displaced.

6. Toxic relatives

In family gatherings, there is no need to ask questions or uncomfortable comments about their relationship, their lives or their family dynamics. Ideally, do not fall into provocations or flat stay at home to avoid them.

Are you ready to face these Christmas discussions as a couple and arrive next year together?
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