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AIDS: Myths and legends about this disease

The AIDS virus has always been a disease that has penetrated society at the same time that it has caused rejection towards the patients who have it.
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AIDS is a terrible disease, not only because it has no cure, but because of the great social stigma faced by the sick, who are not only distressed by suffering this disease and being near death but because they have to endure a rejection that fortunately is slowing down over time.

There are many myths that exist around the way AIDS is spread and this causes people to be skeptical of having relationships with people who have AIDS or simply being close to them. Nothing is further from reality, there are many more myths that exist than the real reasons why this disease can be spread, so you have to know very well the way in which contagion occurs and ignore the lies about it.

Myth of contagion by contact

One of the most common myths about the AIDS virus has always been the way it contracts. Many, due to ignorance, believe that this disease is transmitted by simple contact, be they kisses or hugs or by sharing common places, such as the bathrooms of an establishment. Nothing is further from reality.

These people totally ignore that in order to get the AIDS virus, a much more direct contact has to be made such as sex without taking proper precautions or by blood contact. This absolute ignorance is the main cause of the rejection of many people who are infected since they mistakenly believe that if they are in contact with the sick, they will also fall into the grip of this disease.

Myth about condom use

Another myth that is also observed when talking about AIDS disease is the belief that the use of condoms increases the risk of transmission of the virus. Contrary to what many people think, patients who have the virus in their body or who have contracted it at the time of sex or blood contact should always use condoms when it comes to sex because it is an of the most effective barriers to avoid contracting the disease.

Myth about virus treatment

As for the treatment for these patients and their cure, many other myths also arise in our society. It must be very clear that AIDS is a disease for which there are various treatments for their patients, but unfortunately, it has no definitive cure after decades of research. The use of some medications in patients with this virus has greatly improved the quality of life of people who had this disease but, as we have said before, they have not been definitively cured. Despite this, the advances have managed to reduce its effects, so many patients manage to lead a more or less normal life.

With regard to this, it should also be noted that sometimes the medications that are intended for the treatment of this disease are not effective enough for the person who has the virus in their body. Not all patients have the same characteristics, which means that many of them sometimes experience some resistance to the medications prescribed.

Myth about the effectiveness of drugs

Also related to existing treatments for the disease we find another myth also very common in our society. This myth is based on the belief that drug use cures the AIDS virus in people who have it in their bodies. The use of antiretroviral drugs does not mean the cure for this disease. As we have said before, there are various treatments with this type of medication but, for the moment, they have only managed to control the disease and not cure it.

There is no doubt that the myths that arise around the different diseases that plague the world should not be heeded, so it is essential to consult with an expert in the field that clarifies all doubts, whether you are the person who has the disease or a person close to you. Consulting certain aspects of diseases anywhere can lead to myths that ultimately result in simple myths. This has been going on for a long time with AIDS and, although many things have been demystified over time, there are always slashes that should not remain.
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