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Baking soda is helpful for weight loss

The baking soda is one of the products of the home more in trend now, especially has become popular for their properties to lose weight.
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Baking soda
Baking soda is one of the most trending products to lose weight, however, it is worth stopping to analyze if its benefits for this area are real or part of a fashion.

The baking soda is one of the products of the home more in trend now, especially has become popular for their properties to lose weight. You have surely read and heard about the great promises and miracles offered by the intake of this popular product;  the reality is that there are no scientific studies that support these wonderful benefits, so it is worth stopping to analyze the information that is available.
Baking soda is a product that is derived from a chemical process, its recommended use is focused on cleaning the home and bakery.
Where does the idea about the benefits of baking soda for weight loss come from?
The recommendations for the use of sodium bicarbonate to lose weight is to mix it with water, this drink reacts with the acids in the stomach or to form a salt, water and carbon dioxide; in such a way that experts point out that its main benefits are focused on relieving reflux.

According to the interview that Women´s Health conducted to Rachel Pojednic, a doctor and assistant professor in nutrition for Simmons College, sodium bicarbonate is a chemical compound that stands out for having an alkaline profile. Among the main advantages of its consumption are its benefits to calm indigestion and nausea, symptoms that are normally derived from an excess of acid in the stomach, it is a good product to release gases and feel lighter.

Because sodium bicarbonate is a substance that is derived from a chemical process, it stands out for its high sodium content, particularly in a type of salt called carbonic acid. It is a product that due to its organoleptic qualities, is indicated by its uses for the bakery industry, as it helps to ferment and increase the volume of the dough. It is also famous for being a powerful ally for household cleaning because it is an abrasive substance and deodorizer.

Outside the areas, it has become popular for its uses to lose weight, detoxify the body, whiten teeth, treat throat infections among others. However, sodium bicarbonate is a great ally for digestive conditions, but its weight loss benefits are not proven. It is important to be clear that in order for weight loss, it is necessary to promote a calorie deficit (that is, burn more calories than the body consumes), drinking sodium bicarbonate drinks will not cause the excess calories burned.

What sodium bicarbonate can do:

There is interesting evidence about the positive effects of sodium bicarbonate consumption to improve athletic performance. According to research published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, those athletes who consumed sodium bicarbonate 60 minutes before a muscle toning session were able to perform more repetitions with less muscle fatigue than participants who consumed a placebo.

Specialists declare that baking soda improves stamina since it makes the blood slightly more alkaline. So having less acid in the muscles delays the onset of muscle fatigue.


In conclusion, it is advisable to use baking soda for household cleaning or the preparation of bread and cookies, when it comes to losing weight the best thing you can do is resort to methods with scientific support, follow a healthy and balanced diet and of course exercise.
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