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BillGates Told About His Biggest Mistake Ever In His Life

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Bill Gates is one of the richest persons in the world and as you know or might not know that he was at the top of the list of richest person but now he is still in that list of Top 10 Richest persons in the world.
His life is full of success as he arose from a middle class family as a shinning star but there are some mistakes in a successful life and Bill Gates have much of them.
He has told about one of the biggest mistake in his business life that he can never forget and that mistake made him very sad.
But What is the Mistake?
In an Interview Bill gates told about the biggest mistake not in his personal life but business life.
He told that his biggest mistake was in a time when Android OS was not famous like that and his Company Microsoft's Product in Mobile Phones You might be well know about term Windows Phone was it's rivalry. In that time he Said that his mistake was that didn't focused on their OS and after some time their OS flopped and Google's Android OS Succeed and You know about the Fame of Android OS.
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