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David Bustamante and Yana Olina have wedding plans for 2020

David Bustamante and Yana Olina plan to marry throughout 2020 at an intimate wedding to formalize their relationship.
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David Bustamante and Yana Olina wedding
Apparently, the year 2020 will bring an unexpected wedding but full of illusion. David Bustamante and Yana Olina will go through the court to formalize their relationship, after many months of changes in which the dancer has gone to live with the singer and has already created her life in Madrid with her partner. It seems that Olina is already one of the family, and both are very much in love.

The two continuously dedicate messages of affection on Instagram and in public, and in one of those statements, the Cantabrian came to say: " Thank you for showing me that love really exists ." In this way and despite the rumors of rupture during several times, it seems that his passion is more alive than ever and that Bustamante, who is a very traditional person, wants to join ties with what he considers his 'soul mate', according to a close friend to the singer has informed La Razón.

A more discreet and intimate wedding

Of course, this wedding would have nothing to do with that held in 2006 with Paula Echevarría, in which both contracted heritage in the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Covadonga, in Asturias. Thus, this time both want it to be discreet and simple, with few guests and by the Court; although it is certainly a day that neither of you will ever forget. Who will surely come will be the singer's daughter, who gets along great with the dancer, something that excites Bustamante.

The first relationship rumors began in May 2018, when they were caught walking hand in hand after having been dance partners in the dance program 'Dancing with the stars', which they won. In him, the great complicity between the two could be achieved, and although both had professed mutual admiration, their photographs on social networks began to be more intimate, causing their approach to be finally confirmed. Undoubtedly, a surprise couple that is increasingly solid and faces 2020 in the best possible way.
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