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Do your friends hate your partner? Check out how to handle it

Sometimes that special person just doesn't 'click' with your friends. What's more, they hate it! How to handle this? Here we tell you what to do to get around this awkward situation.
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Having a relationship is already complicated. In addition to everything that involves knowing the other and creating a relationship, there is also the social part. Sometimes that special person just doesn't 'click' with your friends. What's more, they hate it! How to handle this? Here we tell you what to do to get around this awkward situation.

When a romance begins we are in full phase of falling in love and idealization. This means that we only see the qualities of the couple and even attribute others that it does not have.

Those around us tend to see it more superficially, judging it by its appearance, behaviors, etc. They can also analyze it objectively, noting defects that you have not detected because you are swimming in oxytocin, the love hormone.

Check out what you should do so that this repulsion to your partner does not harm your friendship or your relationship:

1. Thank them for worrying

If they are your friends, they will most likely have good intentions. Maybe it's complicated to be nice if they have said very hurtful things about your partner or about you. But if you know they love you, give them the benefit of the doubt and thank them for trying to take care of you.

2. Discard jealousy

If you have been single for a while, maybe your friends resent spending less time with them. That is, they feel that "you changed them to be with your new partner."

If this is the case, admit that you have been a careless friend and commit to being more present in their lives.

Another reason for jealousy is that, while they are single or their relationships are plummeting, yours is flourishing. That can make them a little jealous, and it's normal!

You should also assess whether these jealousies are disproportionate. Although it is rare, it can be a case of a toxic friendship with a tendency to be possessive, envious or very demanding. In that case, getaway and run into the arms of your partner.

3. Listen to what they have to say

This can be hard because nobody wants to hear bad things about their new love. You must be willing to ask them and listen to why they don't like your partner.

They may have information about him that you don't know, they don't like the way he treats you, they think he's not the right person for you or they just dislike him as a person.

And eye, it is not worth interrupting them to defend it, just listen to their reasons, you can take many surprises.

4. Take your concerns into account

If you already talked to your friends, they sure gave you a lot to process. Even if you want to react immediately, it is better to say `` I will think about it '' and take some time to digest your opinions before drawing conclusions.

They may have very valid points to hate your sweetheart. Considering them can help you improve your relationship or get away from potential danger.

5. Reassure them about your safety and happiness

You don't owe explanations of your life to anyone unless your decisions affect third parties. However, after listening to their arguments, make it clear to your friends that this person makes you happy and you are safe by their side, but only in case it does.

You don't have to justify your love or hide the problems you have with your partner, but a true friend deserves to know the truth.

6. Ask for their support and accept if they don't give it to you

Life is easier when we have someone unconditionally, although it is not always possible. Ask your friends who trust you and your decisions, tell them how much it means to have them in your life and that you will always need them, whether the romance thrives or fails. Remind them that you don't have to like your partner to be on your side.

On the other hand, if you are determined to continue with a toxic relationship, it is very likely that some prefer to move away so as not to see you suffer or to make you react. Respect his decision and consider it an alarm signal to reassess your relationship.

7. Try to file rough edges

If you really want your partner and your friends to get along better, you can try activities that everyone enjoys. You have to be very skilled in detecting what points they may have in common. Try something light, like going to the movies, dancing or a cultural event where you don't have to live too long, but can interact enough to get to know each other better.

8. Set limits of respect

If you don't get your love and your group to get along, then you will have to make some changes. At the outset, do not force them to live together and respect the time and space you give each one. This means not taking your heartbeat to all meetings with your friends, or your best friend (who hates him, by the way) when you go out with your partner and his group, for example.

If they have to be together in events like your birthday, graduation or similar, make it clear to everyone that aggression, attacks, rudeness, etc. are not worth it.

Even if everyone is able to fight or defend themselves, do not let them reach that point. You are responsible for handling this unpleasant situation and mediating among all.

In the end, the only thing that matters is that your partner makes you happy, respects you, has proven your love beyond doubts and you feel safe at his side. You don't need them to understand your relationship and neither does anyone's approval.

Only time will tell if they were right to be worried, meanwhile enjoy your romance.
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