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Halo: Reach saw a record 161,000 concurrent players on Steam

Day one saw 136,000 players reliving adventures previously only available on the Xbox 360. On day two, 161,000 people were playing concurrently — a Steam record.
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It was reported back in March that Halo: The Master Chief Collection finally came to the PC, making fans happy. As Halo: Reach was released earlier this week, players turned out to get a dose of nostalgia in record numbers.

Day one saw 136,000 fans reliving previously available experiences on the Xbox 360. On the second day, 161,000 people played at the same time— a Steam record. It looks like Halo: Reach enjoys a second life on Steam, with its cheap $10 price tag helping it to take fifth place on the latest bestsellers of Steam. First place goes to Halo: The set of Master Chief, which costs $40 and gives players access to Halo: Reach, as well as Halo Anniversary, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo 4 when they too make their way onto Steam.

The fact that players turn out to play Halo in record numbers: Reach is a bit surprising given that the game has poor audio and frame rate problems. Yes, this is an older title, but there was plenty of time and input from developer 343 during beta to fix these issues. Conscious of the weird, distant, mixed-up sound, 343 said it would "take some time to work on solutions to improve the overall experience."

Bummer, that's right. It looks like players can live with this unideal experience for now, though, because they're turning up to play Halo: Reach in droves. And that's only on Steam: we don't have the figures for the Mac for the Windows Store or Xbox Game Pass. These 161,000 plus players have a lot to do in Halo: Reach with millions of multiplayer maps (yes, millions). The game is definitely a success despite its flaws.
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