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How to become Wonder Woman

The first trailer of Wonder Woman 1984 demonstrates that the actress has prepared thoroughly to embody the super-heroine of DC Comics.
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Wonder Woman
There are still a few months left for the sequel to Wonder Woman - it will hit theaters on June 5, 2020 - but fans of the DC Comics superhero have already been able to enjoy the first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984. Set in the 80s, the clip is loaded with action scenes in which Gal Gadot goes from long distances with his loop of truth, to repel bullets with his forearms, break guns with his hands and even launch a Humvee (a military SUV) through the air.

Leaving aside the special effects, what the first images of the film show are that Gal Gadot has needed to prepare thoroughly to get into the role of Wonder Woman, as he did with the first part. In fact, the actress recognized in several interviews that she trained six hours a day for six months. "I was doing two hours of gym, two hours of choreography and between an hour and a half and two hours of riding, something very difficult!" Besides all this, improve power to and physical endurance was one of the main objectives of preparation, so the CrossFit was present in all routines.

For Wonder Woman 1984, martial arts, especially boxing, have been the key to Gal Gadot's workouts. This is demonstrated by the video of 'Flashback FilmMaking', a YouTube channel specialized in the behind-the-scenes scenes of the highest-grossing films. In it, you can see a part of the daily routine of the actress before filming. Boxing, gym, and gun fighting practices have been his day to day in recent months.

Boxing Benefits

The boxing involves virtually all muscle groups of the body. Both the blows and the dodges and displacements help to improve the power and physical resistance, a very important factor to increase the resistance of Gal Gadot in the demanding gym exercises.

It also speeds up your reflexes. And is that boxing is a fast sport, in which you must learn to anticipate the movements of your opponent to avoid or block them. That is why coordination and speed are improved.
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