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How to get up earlier to gain extra time in your day

Becoming a morning person is something that many of us have ever longed for.
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get up earlier
Becoming a morning person is something that many of us have ever longed for.

Becoming a morning person is something that many of us have ever longed for. We imagine waking up early (without battling) and having all the time in the world to comply with the morning routine, from going for a run and getting ready without haste, to having that cup of coffee without stress.

The only problem is that you can't wake up early, right?

You know that being able to wake up a little sooner would completely improve your entire routine, because not only would you be with a better attitude, but you could really take advantage of those productive hours.

Let me tell you that you do not need to work so hard to get up earlier and become a “morning swallow”, all you have to do is adopt the right habit that will allow you to wake up at the indicated time and with energy.

Here I want to summarize some of the best strategies for you to get the most out of your mornings and start your day in a good mood.

It is true that there is no secret recipe for everyone, so the goal is that you put into practice the strategy that you consider best fits your routine.

1. Change your perspective

If getting up early seems like the torture of the inquisition then think about the extra minutes you will get and not the least minutes in your bed.

When you feel you have something for free, your attitude improves and it becomes much easier to negotiate with your sleepy mind.

One way to change your perspective is to design an ideal morning routine. Think about what you will be doing with those extra minutes, for example: meditating, jogging, drinking your coffee with the newspaper, getting ready without haste, etc.

You will notice the difference right away.

2. Give priority to bedtime

You will be sleeping more than a third of your life, which means that sleeping is biologically essential to living, and not just to improve your productivity and memory.

Many times it is thought that sleeping is like pressing the switch off but, in reality, while you sleep your brain is still very active and your body begins to repair, maintenance and tissue construction processes, so that, when the alarm sounds, your body is fresh and renewed.

However, all these important processes require that you remain asleep for a sufficient time and, as you can imagine, they are affected when you fail to meet your daily rest quota.

Here comes the important part: many times you fail to meet the rest quota simply because your nocturnal habits are preventing you.

Therefore, I recommend that you adopt the appropriate nighttime habits that help you sleep better, so waking up early will be as automatic and easy as brushing your teeth.

Some habits that will help you sleep better are reading a book, drinking hot tea, a warm shower, meditating or stretching.

These activities will tell your brain that it is time to sleep, which brings us to the latest strategy.

3. Train your brain

Who is it that doesn't want to wake up when the alarm sounds: you or your rebel brain? ... Exactly! Therefore, training your mind is a practical strategy to get out of bed and stop the snooze forever.

Here are some ways to train your mind:
  • At night mentally visualize the steps you will follow during your morning routine, for your brain, this works like a powerful workout.
  • Before bed, repeat several times: “Tomorrow I will get up at __: __ am and I will leave bed immediately, tomorrow I will get up at…. ". It sounds like a kind of hypnosis but it does have an effect. Remember when you have an important flight the next morning and you wake up even before the alarm sounds.
  • Set the alarm during the day (while you are awake) and stand up or jump whenever it sounds, this will train your brain to react with that sound, something similar to the fire alarm

Emergency strategy for rebel sleepers

If you are definitely not a morning person, then simply use your night energy.

You read well, advance the morning activities such as: prepare the clothes for the other day, the clothes to exercise.

Having some of the important activities in the morning in order will help you to stop those “5 more minutes” from being so terrible.
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