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PewDiePie hatches a bizarre plan to get rid of Baby Yoda

Unless you have a serious aversion to pop culture and Star Wars, there’s a chance – however slim – that may have heard of Baby Yoda.
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Unless you have a strong aversion to pop culture and Star Wars, you may have heard of Baby Yoda, but slim.

The character, having instantly surpassed popularity polls in The Mandalorian by Disney Plus, has dominated all corners of the internet thanks to its ridiculous cute factor and action that has spawned an explosion of memes and fan-made mods. Despite Disney now fast-tracking merchandise development to capitalize on the (almost certainly expected) rise to stardom of the little green guy, the road to global domination of Baby Yoda will definitely not come to an end anytime soon, much to the chagrin of a certain YouTuber.

The YouTube king himself, PewDiePie, has repeatedly expressed contempt for Baby Yoda's relentless tirade and eventually revealed his plans to get rid of him once and for all. The hair-brained scheme comes from the latest episode of' Meme Review' by the content creator, an ongoing series intended to score famous memes doing the rounds at the moment. See what he had to say:
"I'd eat Baby Yoda if that's what it takes to get rid of him," a PewDiePie frank stated. "When someone came and knocked at my door right now and said,' Hey, we've got Baby Yoda, buttered him in sugar, fermented him straight for three days... he’s still going to taste like sh*t, but if you eat him, he will go away forever,’ I wouldn’t even hesitate. I would inhale Baby Yoda.”
A bold and somewhat strange announcement to make, particularly if taken out of context, but the concept obviously comes as a result–subliminally or otherwise–of a clip featured in the video depicting a cake made in Baby Yoda's own likeness. It remains to be seen whether PewDiePie would prefer his hypothetical meal to be the same delicious dessert or Baby Yoda himself, though we would like to think that it is the former, if only for the sake of his fans.

All jokes aside, new episodes of Baby Yoda The Mandalorian air every week on Disney Plus.
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