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Princess Charlene confesses why she always has a serious face

Princess Charlene of Monaco has given an interview to tell certain episodes of 2019 that have made her sad.
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Princess Charlene
The serious gesture of Princess Charlene is one of the recurring themes every time it appears in public. Despite many speculations, the Princess of Monaco wanted to give her version by granting an exclusive interview to Huisgenoot magazine in South Africa. In it, he wanted to explain the reasons for this habitual sadness, which come from a very complicated 2019 in which he has had to face some very sad losses.

Thus, two of his friends died within a very short time: " The two died in 10 days. It was incredibly painful ." In addition, the health status of his father, Michael Wittstock, is delicate due to an operation: " This year it definitely hit me low. People are very quick to say, 'Oh, why don't they smile in the photos? 'Well, sometimes it's hard to smile. They don't know what's going on in the background. " With these statements, the ex-senator asks to be understood and not to judge their attitudes.

Charlene de Monaco's

Longing for your country despite your privilege

In addition, the Princess also wanted to add her feeling of longing for her country and the roots that would have formed her there: "I have the privilege of having this life, but I do miss my family and friends in South Africa and I get sad because I can't always be there for them. " These comments are not unexpected since it is known that the South African does not feel at all comfortable in Monaco and that the relationship with the people around her is complicated, including the one she has with Prince Albert.

Charlene de Monaco's
In the interview, the Princess consort also refers to her children, Jacques and Gabriella, ensuring that it is they who give her strength and comparing her childhood with the one she spent: "It is hard for me to believe that I was only three years older than they are now when I started training for the Olympic Games. I  swam 10 kilometers a day with just eight years. " Finally, the Princess is clear about what she will have done if she had not been in the Grimaldo House: " It is very simple, I would do everything I am doing now, but without the title.  Help people and try to educate others."
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