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The 17 songs that have marked the musical career of Taylor Swift

The artist has become a benchmark for music and as the years have passed it has never ceased to amaze.
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Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift is one of the most successful artists over the years. It began as a country girl with more intimate songs in which she expressed all her feelings, then she entered slightly into the artists called 'Disney girls', but then she hit a change to her style with which she broke all the schemes. There is no doubt that the singer has managed to renew but continues to retain that essence that characterizes her. Here is a review of the songs that have marked his professional career over the years.

'Tim McGraw' - 'Taylor Swift'

This song was the one that Taylor Swift debuted in the world of music, so it is a very important issue in his career. Country music runs through her veins and, when she was still practically a child, it was the style she had. With 'Tim McGraw' he became known and began to dazzle everyone.

'Our Song' - 'Taylor Swift'

This theme is a very country style and in it, you can see the sweetest Taylor but also with a point of mischief in the video clip. It is a song of a love of youth that decided to include in the album with great success.

'Love Story' - 'Fearless'

If there has been a song with which Taylor Swift dazzled everyone and it was all with 'Love Story'. The young woman starred in her own fairy tale in this song, which she included in her album 'Fearless' and we all fell in love a little more with her songs and her romantic style. The romantic Taylor came out through all the pores in this song and the melody in our head still lingers.

'You Belong with me' - 'Fearless'

If 'Fearless' gave us 'Love Story' we can not miss 'You belong with me', a song in which Taylor Swift took out his youngest self and put us fully in the typical American movie in which the misunderstood girl ends With the handsome high school. More than one sure person who felt very identified with this song.

'Forever and always' - 'Fearless'

In 'Forever and always' Taylor Swift expressed the feelings she had after losing a great love, which at that time was Joe Jonas. Without a doubt, it is a most felt song in which it demonstrates the pain of a break. For the singer, it was a compliment the song as he said sometime later in an interview.

'Mine' - 'Speak now'

In his new album 'Speak now' he continued with the country but already seemed to begin to change slightly. In 'Mine' there is still that style that has marked his career so much and talks about love at first sight and feelings. It's another one of those stories that Taylor fell in love with all his fans.

'Sparks Fly' - 'Speak now'

'Sparks fly' may go a little unnoticed in 'Speak now' but it is a very exciting song that his fans got him to put on the disc. The singer told time after this song was written when she was only 16 years old and it was not until later when it came to light to give one of the great moments on stage on her tour with 'Speak now'.

'All Too Well' - 'Red'

This is one of the crudest songs of Taylor Swift's career in which he talks about a past break, how he remembers it and ensures that everything is not right at the moment. Undoubtedly, Taylor Swift left his heart and heart on this subject, one of which, no doubt, will be remembered by all and all his fans.

'I knew you were trouble' - 'Red'

It was in this song when Taylor Swift began to move from country to a more pop style. We could see a Taylor much more warrior and with a lot of claw, something that predicted what was to come in her next albums. Undoubtedly, a song that I liked a lot and that continues to like today.

'Shake it off' - '1989'

The song 'Shake it off' has also marked the musical trajectory of Taylor Swift, where we could see it more fun and giving everything. In addition, this song has a spoken part that characterizes it a lot and that gives another touch to the songs.

'Blank space' - '1989'

Taylor Swift this song that belongs to the album '1989' and whose video clip is one of the most fun for the theme. Taylor breaking everything and taking out that claw inside.

'Bad blood' - '1989'

In this song, he sent some very clear messages with Katy Perry when they were immersed in their particular war. Phrases like 'I thought I could trust you' mark a theme that will remain for the memory. Luckily, this situation was resolved and they have become friends without any resentment.

'Look what you made me do' - 'Reputation'

Tired of criticism and that everyone judged it for no reason, Taylor Swift released 'Look what you made me do', a song that gave the old Taylor 'dead' to make way for a renewed Taylor and wanting not to remain silent before anything or anyone. In addition, the video clip was a clear example of what the lyrics said, with 'Taylors' climbing up to a new Taylor with DEP written on the clothes.

'Getaway car' - 'Reputation'

A quieter song but the most powerful album in terms of sounds refers to Taylor Swift released in his musical career.

'You need to calm down' - 'Lover'

If there has been a song applauded from his album 'Lover' that has been 'You need to calm down', a theme in which equality is claimed and fighting for LGBTI rights. The video clip is a real past and had great collaborations, being some of the most striking, such as Katy Perry. Thus they reduced the rough edges and became the great protagonists of the song, although without losing focus on what really mattered in that subject.

'Lover' - 'Lover'

With 'Lover', Taylor became more romantic but to tell us about her last partner, Joe Alwyn, with whom she is the happiest. The song is a real beauty and nothing to say about the video clip, a love story that shows that the most 'dark' stage of the singer has passed and lives a moment of full happiness.

'The Man' - 'Lover'

A newly vindictive song in which Taylor Swift proves to be tired of men remaining more than women in many aspects of life. As always, fighting for equality in a world where women have it harder than men.

This review of songs by Taylor Swift shows that there are many themes that have marked the trajectory of the artist, which surely continues to surprise as the years go by.
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