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You will find the love of your life between 27 and 35, check out why

According to mathematics all your relationships before that with just rehearsals.
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Find your love
If you've ever wondered wistfully when you'll find the love of your life, science has the answer! According to a recent study, mathematics says it will be between 27 and 35 years.

Hannah Fry, a renowned mathematician at the University of London, says that this age range is ideal for finding the perfect match. In addition, he says that the relationships you have before age 27 will only be part of the process to help you find a true love, but none will be definitive.

Through mathematical calculations, equations and algorithms, Fry established "the theory of optimal stop", embodied in his book 'The mathematics of love'. According to it, you can predict how many possible couples you will have to have before finding real love.

"Humans follow this strategy of rejecting our first lovers without knowing what is the best we can do for our love life," says Hannah.

"These first love experiences improve your ability to observe, and allow you to distinguish the person who fits almost perfectly in your life," added the specialist.

According to this mathematical theory, before age 27 it is difficult to know what is really sought in a relationship, as well as the characteristics that you can tolerate from your partner and those that you cannot.

Fry says that during 37% of the love life (from adolescence to 27 years), it is advisable to add experience to project a future later.

But why is the limit at 35? What happens after that?

The journalist Brian Christian and the cognitive scientist Tom Griffiths, co-authors of the study entitled 'Algorithms to live: The computing of human decisions', perhaps have the answer.

The researchers created the so-called "37% rule, " which broadly agrees with Fry's theory. The rule is exemplified by a theory called "The Problem of the Secretariat."

This dictates that in the hypothetical process of hiring a secretary you can only interview each candidate once if you discard her you cannot hire her later.

According to this exercise, if you have three candidates, the ideal is to decide based on the skills of the second interviewee. If it is better than the first you hire it, if not, you wait for the third. If you have 5 applicants, you must wait until after interviewing the third to make the decision.

Before that maybe you let go of "good games", but over time good options are less and less available, reducing your chances of finding the ideal person.

That is, as you approach 35, although you have more elements to make better love decisions, there are also fewer options available. Understand, candidates who can meet your criteria and "cover the profile" begin to run low.
So if you are in your twenties, relax, you still have time to find true love!
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