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The 10 foods that age you the most

They worsen the appearance of your skin, favor wrinkles and damage your body. Check if they are too present in your diet and change them for those who rejuvenate you.
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10 foods
There are foods that, consumed in excess, directly affect the elasticity and tonicity of the skin and our body in general, causing the appearance of wrinkles and physical discomfort. Replacing other healthier ones may be more effective than spending a lot of money on beauty treatments and creams.

In addition to known factors that age our bodies, such as the sun and tobacco, there are ten food groups that we should include in a "blacklist" to avoid and replace them with healthier foods that help make a diet consisting of unrefined carbohydrates, vegetables, legumes, fruits, vegetable, and animal proteins. What is this blacklist? BolBuzz reveals it for you.

Sugary soft drinks

The high sugar content they contain causes cells to die quickly, an effect that causes rapid aging. Change them by. Natural vegetable juices, which preserve the pulp, are much more recommended.

Trans fat

One of the greatest food enemies. They are present in most processed foods. They provide the body with empty calories and sometimes even blockages in the arteries. Change them by. We should not confuse them with positive oils for the body such as olive or sunflower oil, which prevents the oxidation of cells.


Excess salt in the usual diet causes increased blood pressure and this increase causes a reduction in the production of collagen, which results in premature aging. Change it by. Unrefined salt (in moderation) and spices.


The consumption of excess sugar accelerates aging and can lead to diseases such as diabetes. It directly affects the blood vessels reducing the elasticity of the skin. Change them by. Ideally, consume fresh fruits, with healthy natural sugars.


Coffee has a dehydrating effect on our bodies. Its consumption in excess can cause a lack of hydration to directly affect skin toning. Change it for. Organic cereal coffee, infusions, natural juices or tea.


Very similar to the effect that coffee produces. Alcohol causes very rapid dehydration, with their respective detrimental effects on health. Change it for. It is recommended to avoid alcohol consumption and replace it with water or vegetable juices.

Hot spicy

Very spicy food dilates blood vessels favoring its rupture. This situation causes the skin to lose elasticity, toning and natural color. Change it for. If you like intense flavors, use spice salt.

Red meat

It is recommended to eat, at most, twice a week. Red meat is rich in carnitine, a substance that in excess causes a hardening of the capillaries and consequently affects premature aging. Change it by. Other sources of healthier proteins and fats, such as eggs, legumes or bluefish.

Refined Hydrates

Simple carbohydrates have a high glycemic index. This high index favors the breakdown of the elasticity of the skin and muscles. Change them by. It is advisable to consume complex and integral carbohydrates, much more beneficial for health.


Artificial preservatives contain sulphites, a substance that directly affects the blood vessels, especially the ramifications that reach the skin, causing a loss of elasticity and causing premature wrinkles. Change them by. Natural flavors, such as fruit, vegetables or food prepared at home.
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