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You won't believe it, but lice in eyelash extensions exist!

The lack of hygiene or the doubtful professionalism of some aesthetic centers are its main causes.
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The boom in eyelash extensions has almost the same amount of fan as detractors. From allergic reactions to bacterial infections, many professionals say that this is one of the riskiest aesthetic techniques for health. The last side effect derived from them? The lice!

American newscasts have warned that optometrists have noticed an increase in patients attending their consultations with lice on their eyelashes. Known as Demodex, these bugs are similar to head lice since they also live near the follicle to feed on human blood.

Symptoms of having them may include eyelid irritation, scabs, redness, itching, tearing and swelling. In this case, you should go quickly to the ophthalmologist, because if this condition is not treated it could cause loss of eyelashes, chronic inflammation of the eyelids or visual changes. The doctor will prescribe an antibiotic ointment that will help eliminate lice.

The problem is that they spread quickly through direct contact with combs, towels and dirty eyelash applicators, so it is very important that, whether you already wear eyelash extensions or if you plan to do so before you make sure that the place you are going to attend meets all the minimum hygiene measures and properly disinfects your tools.

In addition, it is also important that you know that this is not the only danger that derives from eyelash extensions. The acrylate present in the aesthetic glues frequently produces allergic contact dermatitis. The symptoms that this chemical produces - the problem is that they can appear at the moment when the glue is applied to adhere the eyelash extensions, such as after a few minutes, hours or even several days or months later - they are damages in the skin as swelling, redness, spikes and even edema formation.

Although experts say the most serious threat appears when you wear false eyelashes all the time. Extensions provide a continuous weight that can cause strain in the follicle of each hair, making even this s and fall and not regrowing. It is curious because the goal is supposed to make your eyelashes look plentiful but always carrying extensions are causing the opposite effect: weaken your natural ones. Not to mention that if they are improperly placed they can also cause scratches on the cornea.

But if after knowing all this you still want to put on some extensions, you should know that it is vital that you clean the area properly daily (even if you do not wear a mask), that although this gesture does not prevent lice 100% it does make it difficult for bacteria and the mites grow and thrive in your eyelashes.

As you have to avoid products with oil so that the extensions do not peel off, an easy way to clean the area is by using a cotton swab soaked in micellar water. Although you can also use a cleanser that contains in its formula tea tree, which is a great antibacterial, as long as you are careful that it does not get into your eyes.
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